Tipu Sultan

He was born in Devanahalli near Bangalore. He continued the rule of state of Mysore after the death of his father Haider Ali. He was fearless warrior and a brave man hence he was called "Tiger of Mysore". 3rd Mysore War: From 1790 to  1792. The English governor General Cornwalis entered in agreement with Marathas and Nizam of   Hyderabad and  then  went in to war against Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan was defeated both at   Bangalore and at Srirangapattanam. He was forced to agree for a treaty, in which he payed lot of  money as indemnity, parted half of his kingdom and pledged his two sons as postages to English  rulers. 4th Mysore War: From 1799. Meanwhile Tipu Sultan reorganized his army and equipped.   Nearly his army was 60 Thousand men strong. He also took the help of French (who were   opposed to English). This move of Tipu Sultan created the fear in English ruler. Under the   direction of Governor General Wellesly, English were helped by Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas in this war Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed in 1799. Half of his kingdom was taken back by English and other of was restored to Hindu king of Mysore.
Numismatic History: During Tipu Sultan's rule of seventeen years, he issued fascinating and bewildering varieties of coins they are unique in the numismatic history of India. He reformed the coinage system resulting in creation of new Fancy full names to coins to his mints and new denomination and new dating (Molvudi) system. Collecting and studying the coins of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan makes wonderful experience.


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