King William IV

Date of birth 21st August 1765. Date of  death June 1837.
He was the King of United Kingdom from  June 1830 till his death in 1837. He was the 3rd son of King Georg III . He was responsible for many reforms in U K. his two daughters did not survive him. Hence King William IV was succeeded by his niece Queen Victoria.

The East India Company during his monarchy issued the coins with his effigy in all three presidencies:  Bombay presidency, Madras presidency and Bengal presidency. Till that time all presidencies had gold Mohur, silver rupee and its fractions of different weight, finesse and also different size and even different local names. The currency reform in 1835 during his period rupee and its fractions were standardized to one type with a fixed year 1835. In epic making reform in British India Coinage. All this coins carried his effigy were in all three metals they are Gold, Silver and copper and minted in all three mints that is Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.

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