Sponsored by the Government of India, the International Commission on Irriga­tion and Drainage (ICID) was set up in July, 1950 with headquarters in India, as an International Non-Governmental Organisation, to stimulate and promote the development and application of the science and techniques of irrigation, drainage, flood control and river training.
             The Commission has National Com­mittees in each member country. Set up with 11 member countries In 1950, its membership today covers 64 countries. Its affairs are managed by an International Executive Council and the duly appointed representative from each country. The Council meets every year in different member countries to conduct business and to initiate new policies and activities in furtherance of the objectives of ICID.
             The performance of ICID during its first 25 years of existence has been signi­ficant. It has held nine successful Techni­cal Congresses highlighting the sciences of irrigation, drainage and flood control.
             It has helped to spread scientific knowledge and practical experience on these subjects for the benefit of mankind. Its regular and special publications have won world­wide recognition. It has generated co­operation amongst engineers and techni­cians of member countries having different creeds and ideologies.
           ICID is celebrating its Silver Jubilee in July this year. The Posts & Telegraphs Department is happy to bring out a commemorative stamp on this occasion.


This list was prepared by Dr. Jinadatha

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