Twenty The Banaras Hindu University is the first truly residential Indian University estiblished in 1916 on the pattern of the universies at Nalanda and Taxila. The university owes its existance primarily to the toil of the Mahaman, "the prince among the beggars, who beeged not for himself but for a cause dear to him".

The confluence of orient and theological learning with  liberal arts, science and engineering, ayurveda and modern system of medicine and agriculture made BHU a unique such a Capital of knowledge where East met West, The students passing out of the portals of such a Capital of knowledge not only possessed professional facilities skills but were also imbued with a deep sense of Indianness. The excellent infrastructural facilities, many of which were ahead of times for India, model campus life and the magnetic personality of Pt. Malaviyaji made BHU the most favourable destination for the talented students and learned facaulty from all parts of the country. Although designated as "The Benares Hindu University' , the National University has all along been a truly national institution open to persons of all classes, castes, creeds, and of both sexes without any discrimination whatsoever. A large number of home-grown future Builders of the Nation received their training at BHU. It is a remarkable success story of the fructification of the dream of a great nationalist visionary, Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.

This list was prepared by Dr. Jinadatha

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