Seri No. Denomination Name of the Coin Metal Name of the Mints
1 Four-Pagoda Ahamadi Gold Srirangapattana - Nagar
2 Double Pagoda Sadiqui Gold Srirangapattana
3 Single Pagoda Faruqui Gold Srirangapattana - Nagar - Dharwar
4 Panam Panam Gold Srirangapattana - Nagar - Calicut - Farrukhi - Dindigal - Dharwar
5 Double Rupees Haidari Silver Srirangapattana - Nagar - Calicut
6 Rupee Imami Silver Srirangapattana - Nagar - Dharwar
7 Half Rupee Abidi Silver Srirangapattana - Nagar
8 Quarter Rupee Baquiri Silver Srirangapattana
9 One-Eighth Rupee Jafari Silver Srirangapattana
10 One-Sixteenth Rupee Kazimi Silver Srirangapattana
11 One-Thirty-Second Rupee Khizri Silver Srirangapattana
12 Double Paisa Othmani / Mushtari Copper Srirangapattana - Nagar - Chitradurga - Farrukhi
13 Paisa Zohra Copper All the twelve mints and Sakkarkot
14 Half Paisa Bahram Copper All the twelve mints Except Calicut
15 Quarter Paisa Akhtar Copper All the twelve mints Except Dharwar and Abargarh
16 One-Eight Paisa Qutb Copper Srirangapattan - Nagar - Bangalore - Chitradurga - Satymangalam

NOTE :  Tippu Sultan introduced new large number of denomination with entirely different names
               to his coins. He named the coins mainly after prophet, Khalifas and Imams

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