King George V


     (Gorge Frederic Ernest – Abert) born on 3rd June 1865 Died on 30th Jan 1936. He was the emperor of INDIA from May 1910 to 1936.  He visited INDIA and was crowned in INDIA.  He was enthusiastic Philatelist.

British India coins during his monarchy:

1.  Coins were issued dated  1911 to 1936. during his rule with  his  effigy. 
2.  About 96,000 silver coins was melted down at Calcutta mint, to prepare
     two silver thrones  for his the use of KG V and his wife during Durbar.
3.  All these coins were in bronze and silver except in 1918 a gold coin and in
     1918 – 1921 Nickel bronze  coins were issued because during this period
     silver prices went up due to 1st world was. 
4.  All these coins on the obverse has a crowned effigy of the king and on
     reverse there were four flowers, 3 of them were emblem of UK and 4th
     lotus flower the emblem of INDIA.
5.  Silver coins of 1911 AD the 1st year of issue, due to engravers mistake on
     obverse, the trunk of an elephant was short. It looked  like ‘Pig’. Most
     coins were withdrawn, the mistake was corrected in the coins form 1912
     AD onwards. 
6. All the coins of KG V were minted in two mints is Calcutta and Bombay. 


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