Commemorative Coins: Mints & Location

All the commemorative coins of India are minted in India. There are 4 mints in India. Calcutta or Kolkata and Mumbai or Bombay are the earliest of the mints established in India. Hyderabad was the third mint that was established, followed by Noida near New Delhi. There are not many commemorative coins that are issued in Noida until end of 2012. The mint marks represent where the coins were minted or produced. The mint mark is usually located just beneath the year. Please see below some of the examples.  

Commemorative Coins of India: Map Depicting the Mints

Kolkata/Calcutta mint was the first mint established in India in 1757. Since it was the first mint of India, there is no mint mark. So, if the space below the year is empty, it represent Kolkata mint mark. In 1690, Job Charnok, an agent of the East India Company chose this place for a British trade settlement. Calcutta is protected by the Hooghly River on the west, a creek to the north, and by salt lakes about two and a half miles to the east. In 1772, Calcutta became the capital of British India. In 1912, the British moved the capital city to Delhi. Calcutta became the capital city of the state of West Bengal after India gained freedom in 1947. On 1st January 2001 Calcutta was officially renamed as 'Kolkata'. 

    India Government Mint, Kolkata has a historical minting legacy. The first Calcutta Mint was estiblished in 1759-60. The second Calcutta Mint was estiblished at the site of Gillet's Ship-Building in the year 1790 or 1792. The foundation stone of the third mint was laid on 31st March 1824 on Strand Road and the building completed on 1st August 1829.

    In 1952 Alipore Mint, Kolkatta was started which was later renamed as India Government Mint, Kolkatta. The product range of India Government  Mint, Kolkatta includes Circulating coins, Commemorative coins,Medals, Tokens, Seals and Badges. The mint manuactures the coveted medals such as Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhusan, Padma Shree, International Film Festival of India, National Film Award, World Philatelic Exhibition, Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Vir Chakra and medals of variousacademic and social institutions. It also produces the medals of National and International sports events. India Government Mint Kolkata has built credibility and trust for decades for its name in the minting world. It follows the International quality standards and it is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company.

Kolkata Mint Mark: Has no mint mark

Mumbai mint marks can be identified by one of the three mint marks:
a. Diamond shaped mark below the date              OR
b. Letter 'B' below the date
c. Letter 'M' below the date, after 1996.

Mumbai Mint is the second oldest mints of India. The Mumbai Mint was established in 1829 A.D. Initially it was controlled by the Governor of Bombay Presidency. It was then transferred to Government of India in 1876. In the year 2006, Government of India took a decision to Corporatise all the Mints & Presses under the banner named Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Ltd.

Mumbai Mint: Diamond Below Date


Mumbai Mint Mark: 'B' Below Date







Mumbai Mint: 'M' Below Date







In 1948, the State of Hyderabad (now under Andra Pradesh) came under the control of Government of India. The Government of India introduced decimal coin in 1957 soon manufacturing of 1 Paisa , 2 Paisa, 3 Paisa, 5 Paisa, 10 Paisa,, 25 Paisa and 50 Paisa were taken up. Administratively, Hyderabad Mint was under control of Bombay Mint from 1948 to 1962 until Shri B.S. Ayer took charge of Hyderabad Mint as Master of Mint.
Hyderabad Mint: Split Diamond Below DateHyderabad Mint: Dot within Diamond Below Date









Hyderabad Mint: Star Below the Date                                                                                                                                                            

Noida Mint was the last coin mint established in India in 1984. Noida is near New Delhi. Noida  mint is represented by mint mark "round dot below the date".

Noida Mint: Round Dot Below Date


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