Mahatma Gandhiji (1869 - 1948)


1869 October 2 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Born. Father Karamchand alias Kaba Gandhi and Mother Putlibai.
1881 Enters High School at Rajkot.
1883 Marries Kasturbai.
1887 Passes Matriculation examination; joins Samaldas College at Bhavnagar, but gives up studies at close of first term.
1888 September 4 Sails for England. Lives on vegetarian diet Takes lessons in dancing and music for a short time, thinking they are necessary parts of a gentleman's equipment.
1893 April Leaves for South Africa, being engaged by a Muslim firm for legal work. Experiences colour bar in various forms; decides to remain and fight race prejudice.
1896 July Returns to India and starts agitation on behall of South African Indians. Opposes Bengal Partition, supports boycott of British goods. May 12 Support 'home rule' for India
1915-16 Tours India and Burma, travelling 3rd class on the railways.
1917 Idea of making use of spinning - wheel to produce handmade cloth on large scale takes root in his mind. April Goes to Champaran (Bihar) to investigate conditions of labour in indigo plantations; arrested and later released;
1919 February 28 Signs Satyagraha Pledge to secure withdrawal of Rowlatt Bills. April 6 Inaugurates all-India satyagraha movemeni; countrywide hartal. November 24 Presides over All-India Khilafat Conference at Delhi. December Advises acceptance of Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms by Congress at Amritsar.
1922 February 5 Following Chauri Chaura (U.R) tragedy, in which 21 police constables and one sub-inspector were burnt to death by a mob, fasts for five days and abandons plan of satyagraha movement.
1925 Commences writing his autobiography. The Story of My Experiments with Truth.
1928 December Moves resolution at Calcutta Congress session in favour of Independence if Dominion Status is not granted by end of 1929.
1929 December At his instance Lahore Congress session declares that Swaraj in Congress creed shall mean Puma Swaraj (complete independence).
1930 February 12 Commences march to Dandi sea-beach, where he ceremoniously picks up salt (April 6).
1931 August 29 Sails for England as sole Congress delegate to Second Round Table Conference.
1939 March 3 Commences 'fast unto death' at Rajkot to secure Ruler's adherence to promise given to reform administration, and ends it on March 7 on Viceroy's intervention.

August 8 Addresses A.I.C.C. session in Bombay on implications of Quit India resolution.

1944 February 22 Kasturba Gandhi dies in Aga Khan's Palace.

January 12 Decides to fast for communal peace in Delhi; Mountbatten fails to dissuade Gandhiji. 30 Is assassinated on way to evening prayer by Nathuram Godse.

This list was prepared by Dr. Jinadatha

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