Indian Mints

The earliest mints of India constitute Calcutta and Bombay. Hyderabad was the third mint established in India. The last of mint established in India is Noida, which is on the outskirts of New Delhi. 


Indian Map Depicting The Indian Mints

Because of the increasing demand for coins, Indian government was forced to mint coins in foreign countries. They are Taegu Korea, Seoul Korea, Royal Mint Ottowa Canada, Royal Mint London UK, Birmingham Uk, South Africa - Pretoria Mint, Tower Mint - UK, Mexico City Mint, Slovakia Kremnca Mint,  and Russia Moscow Mint. Please refer to the table on the right side for the mint, their mint mark and identification process.


Please note: Calcutta is now called Kolkata, Bombay is called Mumbai and Noida is on the outskirts of New Delhi. 

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